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Artisanal Premium Cheese & Lange Four Bottle Pairing Kit

Artisanal Premium Cheese & Lange Four Bottle Pairing Kit

This season, we’ve partnered with our favorite New York purveyor, Artisanal Premium Cheese, to bring you a unique pairing experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Each of the wines in these exclusive collections has been paired by the culinary team at Artisanal Premium Cheese. Simply order the tasting pack from us, and your cheese pairing kit will ship directly from Artisanal.

Total For Cheese & Wine - $350 ($305 Club)
*Shipping Included! - Wine and cheese will ship separately. Each cheese weighs approximately 8 ounces.

2019 Three Hills Cuvée Chardonnay & Grassias

Crafted from a blend of fresh cow and goat milk, Grassias is a perfect example of the ancient craft of leaf-wrapping young cheeses, Grassias has a refreshing, herbal aroma and flavor. The goat milk provides it's signature refreshing tartness and soft clay texture, while the cow milk adds a sweet wholesome milk taste and buttery mouthfeel.

2018 Freedom Hill Chardonnay & Pur Brebis Du Val d’Oc

Pur Brebis is a 100% pure sheep’s milk cheese that is aged 5-6 months in a mountain tunnel in the Pyrenees. Each wheel is hand rubbed on a regular basis by the maître Affineaur in the cave, to produce a cheese with a natural, crusty and brownish rind. Its texture is firm with a rich, creamy taste.

2016 Three Hills Cuvée Pinot Noir & Jasper Hills Clothbound Cheddar

Jasper Hills Clothbound Cheddar has all the characteristic texture of an English-style cheddar with sweet caramel and milky flavors that sets it apart from other bandaged cheddars. Collectively sweet, savory, nutty, and tangy, its rustic crystalline texture adds dimension and complexity.

2016 Estate Pinot Noir & St. Stephen

St. Stephen is a triple-cream delight that is luxuriously smooth with a mushroomy bloom. This decadently creamy cow’s milk cheese is crafted in Stephentown, New York, named for Stephen van Rensselaer III, the last patron of what is now Rensselaer county. Each cheese is about 8 ounces.

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